Like A Fine Cabernet, Worth The Wait.

While 14 months is not a lot of time to design a new product (Cabernet Sauvignon in the warehouse next door to us in Sonoma takes 48 months), it is still a hefty commitment for a small team like ThinOptics. We shifted in July from designing and torturing Frontpage prototypes, to actually manufacturing Frontpage. Each pair of glasses, along with its companion Milano case, requires over 112 steps in the build process. This is all in pursuit of delivering to you the absolute thinnest, lightest and most portable reading glasses ever built. 


We are humans after all. We are creative. Hopefully innovative. And occasionally fallible. That unavoidable human condition lives with us each day, including triumphs (such as when customer Robert Cray stopped by our warehouse to be the first to buy Frontpage Collection), and occasional setbacks. We encountered such a setback when we realized that Frontpage was more popular than we’d planned. We were selling seven Frontpage Collection glasses for every one we could build. And we’d only offered Frontpage to customers who had purchased our first generation glasses in the past. Not even to the public yet. This forced us to halt new sales for a few weeks. 


We are beginning to get caught up. Thanks for bearing with us. We finish a new batch every day and immediately place it in the mail without hesitation. Actually, we test it one last time. Sometimes we make DHL wait in the lobby while we are getting that last test completed. Then we pop it in the mail. 


We are sorry for the delay we’ve caused for some of you. When you open your new Frontpage Collection glasses, hold it up to another pair of traditional reading glasses laying around the house. Ask yourself if, as with a fine Cabernet, was it worth the wait???