Wow. Did you know an eyewear case could be this sexy?

It’s an exciting day here at ThinOptics. We’re pleased to announce that the new ThinOptics FlashCard -- our most striking reading glasses case ever is now available! This sleek beauty has been worth the wait - view the FlashCard in action here.

As you can see, the FlashCard takes ThinOptics reading glasses to a whole new level of “whoa.” With its sleek brushed-aluminum finish, the FlashCard gets noticed, despite its incredibly slim profile. As small as a credit card and only 4 mm thick, the FlashCard protects your reading glasses from damage and scuffs, while easily fitting in your pocket, wallet or purse. You won’t believe the look on your friends’ faces when you slide this amazing little case out of nowhere and magically produce your reading glasses. After all, the FlashCard isn’t just a case. It’s a conversation starter.

At ThinOptics, we pride ourselves on our super-slim, super-sleek foldable reading glasses that are Always With You. We build our products around your busy life to ensure your reading glasses are right where you need them, when you need them. With the introduction of the FlashCard, we’re doubling down on that commitment, while taking the ThinOptics cool factor to a whole new level. 

To get the FlashCard order today!. And stay tuned for other new additions to the ThinOptics collection. This year’s going to be our most stylish yet!